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Come to Juno Beach, Florida


Come to Juno BeachDiscounted Moving knows that Florida is one the best places to live in the world, and Juno Beach residents believe their seaside community is the best Florida has to offer. Oceanfront estates, beautiful destinations, and lots of outdoor adventure, make Juno Beach one of desirable permanent and vacation destination on the Atlantic shore.

Living in Juno Beach is one step passed paradise, and Discounted Moving can get you there.

[note note_color=”#efefef”]COME TO JUNO

Juno is Beach sits on a barrier island on the Atlantic coastal ridge and is the perfect destination for nature lovers casual outdoorsmen. Bike trails extend throughout the beach community, one of which surrounds the popular Pelican Lake. Loggerhead County Park has spectacular oceanfront nature trails to explore. Just a few minutes away is Juno Beach Fishing Pier and County Park. Even in the winter, residents and visitors alike can still enjoy the sandy beaches and sunny days.

[note note_color=”#efefef”]BEACHES

Located just north of Palm Beach, Juno Beach is the crown jewel of this small beach community. With great access and parking, families will never fight for space as they spend the day collecting sea shells, playing volleyball, or fishing on the pier. The beach is surrounded by shops, restaurants, and hotels so you won’t ever have to leave the beach. Equipped with a boardwalk and marine life center, Juno Beach is the complete family beach destination vacation.

[note note_color=”#efefef”]MARINE LIFE

The Marine Life Center located on Juno Beach is an educational and entertaining family experience. The center rescues a variety of marine animals, but is known for its sea turtle rescue. Visitors can view turtles up close, and can even follow them to the ocean as they are released back into the ocean.

A world class beach, fun and meaningful marine center, and tons of outdoor activities make Juno Beach the one of the best places to visit or live in Florida. [/note]

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