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Ensure You Choose Professional Moving Services

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Hiring professional moving services ensures that your relocation experience is fast, efficient and a lot cheaper than moving yourself. However, not every moving service is a reputable company. Some are even scams designed to take cash deposits and personal items. Before hiring a moving service, make sure you know the difference between a professional and a scam.


Scam vs. Professional Moving Services

[column size=”3/4″ last=”0″] [note note_color=”#EFEFEF”][dropcap style=”simple”]B[/dropcap]ad Better Business Bureau (BBB) Record.
Check with the BBB before hiring any professional moving service. The company may not belong to the BBB, but here you can see any complaints former clients have made against the company. Read though the comments carefully. If you notice negative themes emerging, then go somewhere else with your business.[/note] [/column] [column size=”1/4″ last=”1″] check BBB for professional moving services
[/column] [column size=”1/2″ last=”0″][note note_color=”#EFEFEF”][dropcap style=”simple”]U[/dropcap]pfront Deposit in Cash.
Never pay a large non-refundable deposit. Especially without a consultation. Reputable moving services will accept payment after the move and should accept more than just cash.[/note][/column] [column size=”1/2″ last=”1″][note note_color=”#EFEFEF”][dropcap style=”simple”]M[/dropcap]overs Look Suspicious.
Companies should not hire anyone without a background check. Also reputable companies should require some sort of uniform that designates members as a part of that service.[/note][/column] [column size=”1/2″ last=”0″][note note_color=”#EFEFEF”][dropcap style=”simple”]N[/dropcap]o Website.
The moving company should have a website so you can check out customer reviews and basic information about the company.[/note][/column] [column size=”1/2″ last=”1″][note note_color=”#EFEFEF”][dropcap style=”simple”]N[/dropcap]o Paper Work.
This is a major red flag. A professional moving service should have some kind of paper work as a record of service.[/note][/column] [column size=”1/1″] Relocating can be stressful. Professional moving services should be reliable businesses to assist you in the process. Before hiring a mover, do some research. If you see any of these red flags move on. As always, Discounted Moving is here to provide you with professional moving services any day of the week.
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