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Moving from Naples FL to Sarasota FL | Discounted Moving LLC

Good evening everyone! We had a great day getting right back to work and preparing for the New Year! As we prepare to wrap things up we still have a duty to the moving needs left behind and to task here in 2022! While we are prepping for our move services to begin tomorrow. We start with a great opportunity and honor to move Greg before the close of the year!

Greg just bought a home in Sarasota FL and asked us to pick him up from Naples. So we said why not! We had the time and Greg had the money due to our awesome savings we have for cross state moves he was excited after learning about our rates and sales service. Greg wont pay a dime for his move when we pick his things up on 12/29/22. He will experience a full satisfaction first move from Naples to Sarasota same day and looks forward to leaving another great review to tell about his experience. Come back and check again an see how we moved Greg across the state of Florida with our cross-state moving service. When you need a professional moving company that is licensed, insured and ready to meet all your needs. Don’t hesitate to call! Learn how you can use this service and save your money! Call us at (855)-882-7494 today.