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Moving or Movers from Lake Mary to Fern Park

So many quiet places in Seminole County!

Looking to Move from Lake Mary to Fern Park?

Before you even start your move, You’d want to know which area to move to.

If you are considering moving to Fern Park, there  are several ways for you to identify if Fern Park is a good fit for you.

  • All about Fern Park-
  • Ø Total Population- 9K
  • Ø Walk Score- 47
  • Ø Median Home Price- $276,234
  • Ø Median Rent- $1,131
  • Ø Median Household Income- $60,199
  • Ø Median Individual Income- $36,161

-The distance between Lake Mary to Fern Park is 11 Miles. Then it will take about 19 minutes to go from Lake Mary to Fern Park.

–  Whether or not a neighborhood is a good place to live can also depend on the facilities nearby. Having a high walking score means many places nearby such as shops, restaurants, coffee shops, schools and much more. While scores are by no means perfect, they are a good indicator of “must do” around those places. Staying close to grocery stores, food options and things like parks can make a huge difference in your daily life. There are plenty of dining options for the residents of Fern Park, FL.

– You can grab a cup of your morning coffee from JuiceBlendz Winter Park, Castleberry Nutrition, or the coffee pot and sit down for a relaxing weekend brunch at Rey’s Cuban Cafe, Waffle House or Wawa. Sweet shops like Old Hearth Bread Co, Dunkin ‘& Jeremiah Italian Ice in Fern Park, FL are great options to satisfy your sweet tooth. Residents prefer to order Tacos from Taco Bell, Five Guys Burgers & Fries, or Wrap Planet and Krystal, Buffalo Wild Wings, or Checkers. Five Guys Burger & Fry, The Honey Baked Ham Company, orTiz’s Gourmet Daily are some great places to experience fun food. There are several grocery stores in Fern Park, FL, including Bravo Supermarket, Winn-Dixie and Trader Joe’s.


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