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Moving or Movers from Sanford to Heathrow

Moving or Movers from Sanford to HeathrowSanford to Heathrow

Are you thinking about moving from Sanford to Heathrow?

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If you are considering moving to Heathrow, there  are several ways for you to identify if Heathrow is a good fit for you.

All about Heathrow-

Ø Total Population: 7,090

Ø Average Commute: 23.4

Ø Median Home Value: $409,868

Ø Median Household Income: $98,548

Ø Median Property Tax: $2,610


-The distance between Sanford to Heathrow is 6.44 miles. . Then it will take about 20 minutes to go from Sanford to Hithrow.

-Heathrow’s overall structure has in many cases been loosely formed for the general level of government at the federal, state and county levels. The ‘Federal’ level is the level of the Heathrow Masters Association. It merged with the state of Florida and led a nine-member board of directors. Several functions are charged with it. These include the overall implementation of the master agreement, the maintenance of public spaces along Heathrow Boulevard and Sawyer Lake Park, as well as most of Heathrow’s other lakes and retaining ponds, overall infrastructure performance, and compliance with homeowner’s appropriate Florida laws. The association has no links to the country club at Heathrow.


-Heathrow is the 411th most populous city in the state of Florida, with 6,364 people in 919 cities. But be careful, Heathrow, because right behind you is Lely Resort with 7,340 people and South Gate Ridge with 6,326 people. White (61.1 percent), Hispanic (17.9 percent) and Asian, Heathrow ethnic / racial groups (12.9 percent) are the largest. In 2018, the average family income of Heathrow residents was $ 97,168. The Heathrow families are slightly larger than the Gateway ($ 95,234) and Westchase ($ 96,632) families. 5.5 percent of Heathrow residents live in poverty. For Heathrow residents, the average age is 44.9 years.


– The unemployment rate at Heathrow is 3.1 percent. The U.S. average is 3.7 percent. Over the past year, the Heathrow job market has grown 4.0 percent. Future job growth is projected to be 47.5 percent over the next ten years, higher than the US average of 33.5 percent. Heathrow’s tax rate Heathrow’s sales tax rate is 7.0%. The U.S. average is 7.3 percent. Heathrow’s income tax rate is 0.0%. The U.S. average is 4.6 percent. When comparing the cost of living, the tax rate can have a big impact. The average income of a Heathrow resident is $ 48,825 a year. The average annual income in the United States is, 28,555. The average family income of a Heathrow resident is $ 84,173 a year The US average is 53,482 a year. Heathrow has a liability score of 81/100, which is considered exceptional. The crime rate at Heathrow is 67% lower than the Florida average. The cost of living for Heathrow is 23 per cent higher than the Florida average The price of Heathrow real estate is 124% higher than the average price in Florida. Heathrow rental prices are 33% higher than the Florida average.



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