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Moving or Movers from Sanford to Longwood

Sanford to Longwood

If you are willing to move from Sanford to Longwood city, then we are here with some valuable information.


Longwood City, FL Location in United States

 Sanford to Longwood

Then this Article is only for you!

Longwood is a very safe and an amazing place to live. The proximity to interstate and major roads is terrific without being in the  city area. It has plenty of green space and does not feel like you are in a city, however you are close enough to all major areas of Central Florida. The city is in Seminole county. It is a great place to live. The area had a total population of 13,745. And the total housing units of 5,189. Attractive & little downtown to multiple parks filled with history and outdoor activities, It is an amazing Orlando Florida suburb! Located just northeast of the city, It is a perfect neighborhood to be close to the city but not quite in it!


Now we will discuss about the distance between Sanford City to Longwood that will help you to prepare


So, The distance between Sanford and Longwood is 8 miles. The road distance is 9 miles. The best way to get from Sanford to Longwood without a car is to train which takes 13 min and costs $2 – $3.


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Wishing you a happy & satisfied moving from Sanford to Longwood!