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Moving Tips for Senior Citizens

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Moving senior citizens is a common, but daunting process. 12% of the American population is aged 65 years or older, and an estimated 1.5 million of these Americans will relocate to a new residence this year. Whether moving in with a family member, down-sizing to a more manageable space, or relocating into a retirement community, moving for senior citizens is simplified with these 4 thoughtful tips.

Take Inventory

As soon as your senior parent, relative, or friend decides to move make note of all of the items in their home before deciding what to bring. Have them participate in this activity if possible. A simple approach is to go from the basement to the attic so everything is accounted for.

Get Rid of Possessions You Don’t Need

This is often the most difficult step when moving senior citizens. They may have accumulated a plethora of possessions, and parting with some items could be upsetting. Remember to be patient and practical. Recognize that some items may simply be too large or difficult to move, so you’ll have to convince them to leave these items behind.

Hire Professional Movers for Senior Citizens

Hiring a professional moving company can be the best way to minimize the stress of moving for you and your loved one. Research moving companies in advance to make sure they are fully licensed, certified and insured. Also read what previous customers have to say about their experiences.

Minimize Change

For some senior citizens, moving is made easier if a new residence is similar to the former. Take pictures of their current home and try to replicate simple traits like colors and textures. Details like these can make moving a more comfortable experience for everyone.