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Moving to Miami, Florida

city of miami beach miami florida

If you are considering moving to Florida, why not choose Miami? This former Alpha-World City is ranked seventh in the education, media, culture, commerce, entertainment, and finance sectors. In 2008, Forbes magazine called Miami “America’s cleanest city,” because of its clean water, clean air, and recycling programs. If you want to move where the action is, are a recent college grad and need to get your feet wet, or want to retire where the winters are warm, Discounted Moving can get you here.

Area Attractions. Miami is home to an assortment of museums, theaters, parks, and entertainment venues. It is also a music and entertainment hub, where musicians and artists are perform on the streets year round. Miami also has several successful sports franchises like: the Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins, Miami Marlins, and Florida Panthers.

Culture. Miami is the 42nd largest city in the United States, with over 5.5 million inhabitants. If you are thinking about moving to Miami, locals suggest you brush up on your Spanish. Nicknamed the “Capital of Latin America,” Miami is home to a variety of Spanish cultures and is inundated with Spanish cuisines, foods, and music. In a 2000 census, 66% of residents named Spanish as their first language.

Education. Miami is home to some of the best public and magnet high schools in the nation. The city is also a major hub for colleges and universities.

Discounted Moving Rates for Miami, FL

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