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Moving to Texas from Florida | Discounted Moving LLC

While a change of scenery, a new view on life, or a chance at a new job, it all comes down to affordability. Another reason so many people are drawn to Texas is the fact that life, land and big city amenities are simply more affordable. The cost of living in Texas is below the national average and there is no personal income tax and no corporate income tax (I mean…read that one more time!). Residents throughout the state statistically travel more given the the savings and employment opportunities. Fifty-three companies headquartered in Texas are on the Fortune 500 list. Startups like Dell grew out of college dorms and became global innovators while established giants like Toyota located their North American headquarters in the state after an exhaustive site search. There is many a reason the oil rich state host a plethora of top energy companies both green and gas.

Yet, as I thought it would be the agriculture and energy sectors that would dominate the top employment rank. However it goes to the health care and computer industries. Those are the top two categories for jobs in North Texas, with 67 percent of all openings falling into one of those two areas, according to an analysis by Dallas County Promise, an initiative that seeks to align workers’ skills with employers’ demand for those skills.