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Our Top Central FL Realtor

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Discounted Moving knows that Central Florida is one the best places to live in the world. The tropical climate, sandy beaches, and luxurious accommodations makes Florida a coveted vacation, retirement, and living destination. Central FL is a vibrant part of the state that has transformed  to a booming cultural hub filled with world class entertainment and Florida coast fun. You are gonna need someone to show you around whether you’re unfamiliar with some of your prospects or you just need a local, professional, valued guide in getting a new home for yourself or your family

Why Mark Hoffman?

The Local Professional you need!

Mark Hoffman is not just some realtor in the vast network of the industry. He is a local professional who has grown up here. This is his backyard and he knows where the hot spots are for those coming here to start a new job, a family or retire.  He has lived most of his life here and is one of the most hard working professional we have me. Very knowledgeable and passionate he provides a team ready and willing to meet you demands and needs. He treats his clients like family and has no issue going the extra mile Mark is your “go to guy” for your buying and selling needs!

Our Mission Together 

We have teamed up with Mark to bring to you some of the best experience needed when making one of the biggest decisions of your life. After you have bought or sold your home with Mark, Discounted Moving will gladly relocate you for 20% off your relocation! Whenever you need a Real Estate professional at your finger tips Mark Hoffman is just a click away. Check out his website at http://MarkHoffHomes.com