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Tips for Choosing a Professional Moving Service

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Choosing a professional moving service can save you time, money, and stress. If you are moving, the sheer number of moving companies available can be overwhelming. Who do you choose? What should you look for?


Here a few tips when hiring reputable movers and a professional moving service

Ensure the Company is Legitimate.
Beware of moving scams. They are prevalent and can lead to a serious loss of cash and personal property. Check the website of the company and review their offers. Go to the Better Business Bureau or websites like Angie’s List to read customer reviews to make an informed decision about the professional moving service.

Stick to the Delivery Date.
If you change the delivery date, there may be storage penalties. Make sure you are able to move to your new destination on the scheduled date or tell your moving service there may be a scheduling issue. Companies, who prize customer service, may not charge you a storage fee if they know in advance.

Move in the Winter.
Yes it is cold, but professional moving services are hurting for business between October and April. Schedule your move in the winter and you’re almost guaranteed a cheaper rate.

Read the Contracts.
Always read the fine print. Ask questions about any fees or policies that you don’t understand. Don’t sign on the dotted line without understanding all of the caveats.[/note]

Get Insurance.
When your items are in your homes they are insured, but when they are in transit they are not covered. You can pay movers to pack your belongings. If the mover is insured, then the items are protected against breakage.

Shop Around.
Don’t settle on the first moving service you find. Do some research and compare rates and customer reviews. Decide if the cheapest rates rule, or if you’re willing to pay more for the best reputation.

The professional moving service market is saturated with the good, the bad and the scammers. Know what to look for before picking one to move your most precious possessions.