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Tips for Moving with Kids

family moving with kids

Whether your child is a teen or toddler, moving with kids requires a lot of planning and care. Moving to a new place is a big adjustment and your children may need time to digest the news. To help you through this dynamic occasion, Discounted Moving has a few tips to making the transition run a little more smoothly.

Stress-free Moving with Kids

Have a Family Meeting. Order pizza or make your child’s favorite dinner. Tell them the reason why you are moving. If it is for a job, explain to them the benefits of accepting the job for you and the family. Ask them to express their concerns and feelings, and be sympathetic to what they say. This session is about making them feel comfortable about relocation.

Get Them Invested. Let them help you pick the next house or neighborhood. If the home is already chosen, then let them design their own rooms or have input on the design of the home. This will give your children a sense of control over this life altering event.

Purge Before Packing. When moving with kids, it is important to separate items that will go to the new home, and those that must be donated, sold, or discarded. Let your children decide what items they would like to get rid of. Allow them to keep the proceeds from selling their possessions. This might encourage them to part from more objects.

Visit the Site. If it’s possible, take your kids to the site of the new home. Let them tour the house and walk around the neighborhood. Take them to visit their new school, or local hangouts like the mall, or community centers. This will take the mystery out of the move and might get them excited about the new place.

Moving with kids can be easy with these helpful tips.