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Top 10 Places to Live in Florida, Part 2

Best Places to Live in Florida: Cape Coral

Discounted Moving services some of the top 10 places to live in Florida. From Daytona Beach to Palm Beach, we are dedicated to making your move as easy as possible with our low hassle moving and cleaning services.

The Sunshine state is home to some of the best cities in the world, here are the remaining top 10 places to live in Florida.

[note note_color=”#efefef”][dropcap style=”simple”]5[/dropcap] Orlando. Coming in as the fifth largest city in Florida, Orlando is the theme park capital of Florida. Home to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and MGM Studios, this city has low unemployment, and a low cost of living, making it comfortable for young families.[/note] [note note_color=”#efefef”][dropcap style=”simple”]4[/dropcap] St. Petersburg. Known as “St. Pete,” this city boasts 361 days of sunshine a year. Because of its gorgeous weather and low cost of living, it has become a popular retirement destination. St. Petersburg also has a vibrant art arts and entertainment scene.[/note]

[note note_color=”#efefef”][dropcap style=”simple”]3[/dropcap] Jacksonville. This city is the largest city in Florida. It operates the biggest urban park system in the United States. It is also known for its natural beauty, year round festivals, museums, and theatres.[/note]

[note note_color=”#efefef”][dropcap style=”simple”]2[/dropcap] Boca Raton. Known for its high income demographic and affluent social scene, Lined with sunny beaches, golf courses, eateries, shops, and fine hotels, this city is a hot spot for retirees and residents with a taste for the high life.[/note]

[note note_color=”#efefef”][dropcap style=”simple”]1[/dropcap] Port St. Lucie. Known for fantastic weather year round, St. Lucie is a major tourist destination. The top-rated park system, golf courses, and growing art scene has caused a population boom in recent years. The city boasts wide open spaces, affordable homes, and a low crime rate that is attractive to families and retirees.[/note]

This concludes our top 10 places to live in Florida. See you soon!