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We beat the heat! Moving up extra flights

Moving Safe

Moving to a new home is challenging enough, but moving to a multi-level home with stairs poses additional difficulties. This is especially true in Florida’s hot and humid climate. For a safe and efficient move in these conditions, I would recommend hiring three professional moving men. Experienced movers are accustomed to navigating stairs and will have the proper equipment and techniques to transport belongings up and down multiple flights of stairs. They can also complete the move quickly to avoid prolonged exposure to the heat and will take extra care with climate-controlled items. When moving in Florida’s conditions, it’s best to leave the moving to the professionals for a stress-free experience.

We always will recommend 3 men for the job unless it is under 10 pieces and under 25 boxes or more. Larger item request and even bulky items we would again recommend three of our professional movers. Its a great and safe option as our team gets the extra hands to operate more efficiently. Best thing yet we don’t charge for stairs. We understand the job already will take a little longer. No need to hike the price as our competitors do.